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Summer 2021
2021-2022 dance year!

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2021-2022 Dance Year:

The Pointe Academy Dance Center is dedicated to developing one's personal artistic best through an open, supportive, all inclusive environment.

We embrace the Spirit of Dance

Pointe Academy Dance Center

Start your child out right at The Pointe Academy Dance Center. Not only will your child experience the best dance training in Rochester/Troy area, they will gain a second family. Family & Values come first at the Pointe Academy Dance Center

All are welcome starting at the age of 2.5!

The Pointe Academy Dance Center

Dance Training at The Pointe Academy Dance Center enhances life, lifting the student above one's self, creating a healthy mind and body.

The instructors provide an atmosphere in which teachers and students are treated with dignity and respect.


We believe progress is realized best in a professional environment.



Pointe Academy Dance Center


“Very sad to be letting go of 10 wonderful years of watching my beautiful ballerina blossom into a very talented, multi-discipline dancer.  Saving one (costume) from her first ballet performance and one from her final dance concert.  Her dance classes taught her much more than the art of dance, and those lessons have made her who she is and will continue to influence her the rest of her life.  I am forever grateful to the Pointe Academy Dance Center and MaryBeth Tremp-Seeger for being the family-oriented studio they are.  It was all a very worthwhile experience.”


“It is important to me that Ally’s and Pointe Academy Dance legacy lives on in some manner … It was such a positive and life-changing experience not just for Ally, but our family.  Our time at the Pointe will always be warmly and fondly remembered.”

~Kelly Duda