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Childrens Jazz


Pre-Dance/ Creative Movement (Ages 3-5)

The Pointe Academy Dance Center offers a wide variety of classes that are suitable for any type of dancer.



This class is designed to challenge young children to explore movement, music and their unique creativity through problem-solving, rhythmic games and locomotor exercises. Children are introduced to the design and structure of a dance class without the rigors of technical training. Pre-rhythm adds tap to their class. These childfren do not participate in the annual Student Concert until they reach Ballet I. However, a Pre-Dance Demonstration is held during the last class in June.

Children's Ballet


Fundamental formal training in the art and technique of classical ballet is taught in a structured, progressive environment. Training is provided and designed for the beginning student up to and including the intermediate level.


Progressive training in the art and technique of classical ballet, which is the foundation for all dance forms, is provided for the older dance student. Cecchetti and Russian styles are among the techniques taught at the Pointe Academy Dance Center. Classes are designed for the beginning student up to the pre-professional advanced level. Ballet IV through VI require 2 classes per week; Ballet VI is required to take Modern.


These classes utilize progressive training in exciting rhythms of jazz dance, a true American art form. The latest styles are combined with a strong technical background. Young Adult Jazz III carries a ballet requirement. Classes are designed for the young beginner to the intermediate level.



These jazz classes provide progressive training in the exciting rhythms and movements of jazz dance, the origins of which can be traced back to early American and African movement and brought forward in each era as the "popular" dance of the day. Styles in these classes include theatrical, funk, lyrical and hip-hop. Classes are designed for the older beginner to the pre-professional advanced student Young Adult/ Teen Jazz III and Repertory Jazz all carry a ballet requirement.



Toe-tapping, energetic all-American fun is what tap is all about! Progressive rhythms, syncopation and hoofing are combined with the latest styles and techniques to create a class in which a lot of  sweating and fun go on! Classes are designed for the beginning to advanced student.


Ballet Repertory Company






Pointe (12 & over)

This class offers the female a classical ballet medium which presents the dancer as a ethereal (as through dancing on air), utilizing a hard, box-type shoe that enables the dancer to rise to the very tip of the toes. Previous classical ballet training and two technical classes per week are required.



Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Contemporary dance is a genre of concert dance and improvisation, rather than choreography. Lyrical and contemporary describe a range of techniques and styles that allow one to express their feelings and emotions through dance while learning beautiful choreographed works of art.




These classes provide progressive training in a dance form that originated in the early 20th century as a rebellion against codified, strict positions and moements of classical ballet. Moden dance is a creative, expressive approach to movement that brings dance down to a more human level and combines elements of ballet, jazz and ethnic forms. These classes carry a ballet requirement.



A wide range of jazz styles  that has evolved as a part of hip hop culture. Most notably breaking, locking, popping free style and funk. This class is for technically trained dancers who want to dance to hip hop music.


Daddy Daughter

The Pointe Academy Dance Center offers the opportunity for fathers to learn a choreographed dance with their daughters to be performed in our annual Student Concert. Fathers gain a unique insight on the rigors of dance training while learning and participating in something their daughters love to do! It is a lot of fun, a great oppurtunity to bond with one's daughter and is one of the highlights at our annual concert.


Daddy Daughter
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